Narcissism in details

Path To Well-Being

Concept of the Self

According to Kohut and Wolf (1978), the self, a psychic structure, is at the core of our personality. Kohut (1971) asserts that the development of self is a process that begins at birth and depends on the environment. Grosch (1994) writes, “As long as the self is imbedded in a social matrix that provides a field of the needed mirroring responses and the needed availability of idealizable values, the self will feel comfortably affirmed in his or her total self with its ambitions and goals” (p. 55). An individual’s “self will emerge as either a firm and healthy structure or as a more or less seriously damaged one” (Kohut & Wolf, p. 20). This emergence is dependent on the quality of the interactions between the self and its self-objects in childhood. Kohut (1984) writes that selfobject relationships form the essence of psychological life from birth to…

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