our morals and values are up to us…


Socialization influences on our values and morals are undoubtedly powerful , but it’s still up to us to change it.


Socialization outcomes are indisputably crucial for our choices and the overall quality of life.

Socialization is the process, by which we acquire knowledge, skills and character, that enable us to participate in a social life: to learn what we need to learn in order to integrate into a given social context, to form satisfying relations and to develop our potentials. In particular, the process of socialization aims at implementing the developmental skills along with the development of self concept, self regulation and appropriate social roles.

The proper acquisition of the developmental skills are vitally important, as these are the emotional and cognitive skills that enable us to function (successfully) in society.
The most “exciting” part of this process is that it purely depends on the expectations of the so-called socializing agents in the surrounding society.

Who are these socializing agents that ‘’inspire’’ our self-concepts?
Undoubtedly, the initial forces are Parents and the First Teachers, followed by Religion, Culture, Employer, Government, Friends and Media, that come into play later on.
In a nutshell, these who principally influence our socialization process are: Family, School, Community, Peer Group and Media.

Apparently, these are the mediums to blame or to thank for who we are, as they appear to be the core contributors to the essential outcomes of our socialization:
our values, attitudes, motives and attributions, self-esteem, self regulation, morals and gender rules.

Although we can’t really choose the primary sources of socialization, we still can take control over the all other influential forces and actually decide ourselves on our values and morals.





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